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The MACs 220/P-600A automated security bollards are one of our best-selling medium-width bollards, and are installed in numerous locations around the UK. Used in various applications, from private residential areas to commercial premises, the bollards combine stylish integration into the surrounding area, with a high performance hydraulic pump to ensure lasting performance. Additional safety features, such as safety pressure switch, flashing LED lights, audio sounder, ensure a high level of visual and audio warnings to users. When implemented with our specially designed monitoring and control system, the bollards offer complete control over your vehicle restriction system.


Height 600mm
Diameter 220mm
Material Steel: Standard Painted Anti-Corrosion Treatment, Grey Anthracite, Stainless Steel: Standard Painted Grey Anthracite (or Brushed), Stone Coating, Individually Designed Cylinder Cover Available Upon Request
Visual / Audio Warning LED strip around bollard head (Optional), Audio Sounder (Optional), Reflective Strip
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