Road Blockers & Rising Kerbs

Standard and Crash Rated Automatic Road Blockers

Traffic Barrier Applications

Automatic road blockers and rising kerbs are a reliable and robust option to secure both entry and exit vehicle lanes.

With a width of up to 4M, road blockers provide a secure barrier when integrated into a wider security system. The 8000 rising kerbs are fully welded and have a robust construction enabling them to operate in the harshest of weather conditions. The 8000 series automatic rising kerb is a tough and reliable solution, providing protection against unwanted vehicle access, and provides an excellent deterrent against the most determined intruder. The rising kerbs are fully automatic and utilise high quality hydraulic technology, meaning a long durable life requiring minimal maintenance. The galvanised and MMA flexgrip paint finish ensures the highest visibility for vehicles approaching whilst also ensuring a long-lasting finish for many years to come.

With crash rated options available (10000 series, rated to K8 and K12 standards), the blockers provide a reliable and secure perimeter protection solution. Crash tested at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) and passing 100% with ‘0′ penetration, the 10000 series road blockers are driven via a hydraulic 7.5Kw power pack with inverter/plc controls.

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