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Automatic Rising Bollards - Chester Cathedral


No of Sites: 2
Location: Chester Cathedral
Application: Traffic Management
System: Macs 275/P800 Automatic Bollard
Standard: Highways Agency TR2207A


Chester Cathedral is the mother church of the Church of England Diocese of Chester, and is located in the city of Chester. The Cathedral, formerly St Werburgh's abbey church of a Benedictine monastery, is dedicated to Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since 1541 it has been the centre of worship, administration, ceremony and music for the city and diocese. The cathedral and monastic buildings were extensively restored during the 19th century amidst some controversy, and a free-standing bell-tower was added in the 20th century. The buildings are a major tourist attraction in Chester, a city of historic, cultural and architectural importance. In addition to holding services for Christian worship, the cathedral is used as a venue for concerts and exhibitions.  With this brings traffic both human and vehicular. 

To address this problem, Chester Cathedral have chosen to use Macs Automated Rising Bollards to control vehicle access and reduce traffic through Abbey Square and at Quarry Car Park, with Abbey Square being of particular importance with its medieval archway being damaged by larger vehicles. 

The bollard installations each use Macs 275/P800 Automatic Rising Bollards in stainless steel, and are done in a way as not to detract from the historical importance of the Cathedral and its architecture. 

The bollards are controlled using a number of methods, from induction loops and intercom, to proximity cards and transmitters, to allow only authorised users access through the bollards and reduce traffic. 

With both installations now completed, the areas of Quarry Car Park and Abbey Square have now been secured and both Macs Automated Bollards and Chester Cathedral are delighted with the finished project.