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Full-height Turnstiles

Mac’s range of full-height turnstiles are used on externally projects, to provide safe entrance and/or exit to within a secure area. With a full-height barrier and durable mobile rotors, they offer a high level of security to perimeter protected applications. 

The Macs TRS series Turnstiles

The Macs TRS full-height turnstiles are a range of models, whose design and industrialization have been specifically developed to offer an extended anti-corrosion warranty period in hostile environments.
Their uniquely mechanical operation reduces operating costs, making them ideal for long-term applications. They are mainly used externally, to secure the perimeter access of industrial sites, car parks, sports complexes and stadia, ports, harbours and airport installations.


Full Height Turnstile

Macs TRS 370 Full Height Turnstile

The TRS 370 is a full-height turnstile with a 3-arm mobile rotor. It offers a high level of security, whilst allowing enough space for the user to comfortably pass through.


 TRS370 TurnstileTurnstile


TRS 370 main characteristics are: 

. Reliability

. Rotating obstacle, fixed obstacle and frame in galvanized steel (painted or unfinished)

. Guaranteed corrosion resistance in harsh environments

. Robust mechanism, the result of 40 years' expertise and development

 . Ergonomics

. Smooth and progressive movements

. Simple operation, with user protection

 . Security

. Variable Access Control: Entry, Exit or Bi-directional

. Anti-fraud

. Rotating rotor: all-welded construction

. Anti-climbing structure

. Mechanical locking

 . Modularity

. Multiple configurations of passage management: free, controlled, locked

. Compatible with all types of access control system for easy integration

. Range of optionals: Stainless steel rotors, roof extension canopy, heel protectors, etc.

. Design adapted to all perimeter access control environments


Main application uses for the Macs full-height TRS 370 turnstile:

 . Industrial and commercial sites

. Sensitive sites: military, nuclear, pharmaceutical plants, data processing centres

. Sport stadia, leisure centres, arenas, and cultural centres

. Ports, harbours and airports

  • Rotating arms made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Housing customisation to perfectly match the surrounding architectural style: according to RAL
  • Logic board to expand operating modes, easily adjustable through a user-friendly interface, and perfectly match your functional requirements
  • 120 V 60 Hz power supply that ensures optimum adaptation to your environment
  • Heating for a perfect functioning in the stringent environments
  • Fixing frame to be embedded in the concrete for ease of installation
  • Reader support for easy and harmonious integration of user authentication devices
  • Desktop pushbutton control panel to remotely manage your TRS 370/TRS 371/TRS 372 full-height turnstiles
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