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Static Stainless and Painted Steel Bollards Static Bollard and Fixed Bollards

Macs offer a complete range of bespoke static bollards, to either match and compliment our range of automatic bollards, or as standalone items made to your requirements. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can arrange manufacture to your suit your needs.

Our bollards are specifically designed for aesthetic purposes, and can be designed to incorporate company logos, branding or to complement a theme

Stainless Steel Static Bollards

Image of Stainless Steel Static Bollards

A popular choice for retail and commercial areas, domestic and residential areas, car showrooms and pedestrianised areas. Stainless steel bollards are aesthetically pleasing whilst still offering a high level of protection. Stainless steel products are a popular choice for a number of applications, such as supermarkets, where the bollards modern aesthetics complement the surrounding area.

  • Diameters available - 50mm to 300mm 
  • Any height
  • Static flat top bollard
  • Static chamfered bollard
  • Static dome top bollard
  • Static gradient bollard
  • Anti Ram / Reinforced option available


Image of Stainless Steel Static Bollards

Applications include:

  • Corporate Buildings, Banks, Science Parks, Hotels
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Resorts and Private residencies
  • Car and Van Dealerships/Car Rental
  • Private Car Parks
  • Retail Stores/Supermarkets



Impact resistance make these the perfect solution for retail and supermarket environments to resist light impacts from trolleys etc on car parks. For more security minded installations our reinforced bollards provide peace of mind when protecting perimeters, buildings & pedestrian areas.

Image of Stainless Steel Static Bollards
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Mild Steel Static Bollards

Image of Mild Steel Static Bollards

Macs range of mild steel static bollards offer a good, strong solution when the need for bollard perimeter protection arises. Available in root fixed or base plate versions, the mild steel bollards are a poular choice for anti-vandal protection of shop fronts and similar applications.

Image of Mild Steel Static Bollards
Diameters Available 50mm - 30mm

Any Height

Root fixed or Ground Plate Versions Available

Anti Ram/Reinforced Option Available

Image of Mild Steel Static Bollards
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Removable Bollards

Image of Removable Bollards

We can also offer a number of removable or lift out bollards that are suitable for property or vehicle protection and access restriction.

The heavy duty removable bollards are easy to install, with the ground box being concreted into the ground for the bollard to sit into. the bollard is then locked into place with a padlock, and once the bollard is removed the lid sits flush to the ground.

The removable bollards are available in a number of different sizes for different applications from driveways and car parks to distribution centres and town centres.

Image of Removable Bollards
Easy to install and cost effective
Standard and reinforced versions available
Round or square versions available
Galvanised steel
Powder coated finish
Reflective banding available in various colours
Handles available for help lifting (large size bollard)
Eyelets for chain attachement
Image of Removable Bollards
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