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Commercial Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards

Premises protection is a major concern for the majority business and home owners, thats why here at Macs we offer bollard systems to suit any application and budget, from low use domestic bollards for use on driveways, to high intensity hydraulic bollards for commercial sites.

Bollards offer a visual and physical deterent to would be intruders and malicious activity The control options available range from simple keyfobs, to mobile phone control and automatic number plate recognition.

Security should not be for a select few, and thats why we feel that our systems cater for everybody. 

We guide and advice all our clients through the whole process, from specification to installation and commissioning.

The use of a bollard system not only offers added security and peace of mind, but could be of benifit to your insurance premiums. And whist the initial costs of a bollard system always have to be carefully considered, the potential savings in damages, time and disruption are worthwhile.

To discuss your requirement in more detail, please get in touch via email, or give us a call and wed be happy to go through all the availble options in full.

For an even more cost effective solution to perimeter protection, take a look at our manual retractable bollards here. 

Coral and Vigilo Rising Bollards

Image of Coral and Vigilo Rising Bollards

Our Coral and Vigilo Automatic Rising Bollards come in 100 and 200mm diameters, with heights of 500 and 800mm. These bollards are suitable for use in both low and high frequency applications. The standard rising bollards come with self contained hydraulic pump and piston assembly for easy installation, with no special adjusting or calibration required, plus a manual override feature for use in the event of power failure.

Image of Coral and Vigilo Rising Bollards

100mm or 200mm diameter

500mm or 800mm height

RAL painted or stainless steel (vigilo only) finishes available

Optional flashing LEDs

Easy to install