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Along with the supply and installation of automatic bollards, we also offer a number of bollard repair and service packages, on any existing bollard installations across the UK, and for any make or model of bollard.


On our initial callout we will:

  • Remove the bollard from the ground for initial inspection of bollard condition
  • Clean bollard, foundation box and accessories
  • Endeavour to leave bollard in a working condition (if not already operational)
  • Advise of any further parts that may be required


To go through your existing installation and to discuss your requirements, please call 0161 320 6462 and talk to one of our experts.



Bollard Repairs

For any existing automatic bollard systems we are able to inspect the bollard for any damage/non operational parts, and attempt to repair the bollard on site (or return bollard to our workshop for full strip-down, inspection and repair if bollard damage is too substantial or additional parts are required). We will source like for like parts needed and all repairs are carried out by fully qualified engineers with a wealth of experience working on automatic bollards.   

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Bollard Servicing

Through either a one off service visit, or an ongoing service contract (one visit at six monthly intervals), our service engineers will ensure that existing bollard installations remain operational and in a good working condition.

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Please Note:

Service contracts cover only service labour for bollard on site, and do not include cost for any additional labour or parts replaced