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What are PAS68 Bollards?

BSI PAS68 is the Publicly Available Specification in the UK for crash rated vehicle barrier and bollard security products. The PAS68 standard defines the test criteria which a product has to be tested in order to comply and achieve BSI PAS68 and identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and performance criteria that need to be met.

PAS68 has become the industry standard for the testing and use of HVM (Hostile vehicle Mitigation) products to prevent vehicle born attacks. As these products have been designed to help counter against vehicle borne attacks, they are commonly used to protect high profile sites and secure locations.

The use of crash rated bollards and barrier is on the increase as a means of perimeter protection, and the PAS68 standard has been prepared to address the needs of those who wish to have the assurance that perimeter barriers and bollards will provide the level of impact resistance they require. PAS 68 specifies the essential impact performance requirement for a vehicle barrier or bollard, and a test method for rating its performance when subjected to a single impact by a test vehicle. The PAS68 rating a product receives is dependent on a number of factors, including vehicle’s speed and weight.

Our Macs 275/900 K4 automatic bollards are certified to IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200(N3)/48/90:1.0 AND PAS68:2013 V/7500(N3)/48/90:1.0/2.5, making them a suitable option for use in hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) projects where the need for crash rated rising bollards occurs.

The latest copy of the BIS specification guidelines for the installation of HVM products can be found on the BSI website.

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