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Automatic Rising Bollards - Tenby

No of Sites: 1
Location: The Former Kinloch Hotel, Tenby
Application: Car Park Access
System: Vigilo 200/500 Automatic Bollard
Standard: Commercial Hydraulic Bollards


Macs Bollards have completed another automatic rising bollard system, working alongside Waterstone Homes. The Former Kinloch Hotel in Tenby has implemented an automatic bollard system to improve the safety, efficiency and vehicle control of a car park for the use of visitors and their vehicles.

This application consist of two automatic telescopic bollards. A Transceiver access control system is positioned on one side of the bollard station which will allow and regulate traffic access from one direction, a system utilising in ground induction loops will be deployed for safety .

The road width dimension at the bollard station which will enforce priority and allow only one vehicle at a time to travel through the system. All traffic will be controlled via the Transceiver system with Induction loops for safety.

Automatic Rising Bollards in Tenby