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Automatic Bollards - Powys County Council


No of Sites:


Maesyffynon to Cradoc Close, Newtown

Application:   Bus Gate
System: MACS 275/P800 Automatic Bollard
Standard: Highways Agency TR2207A


Powys County Council constructed a new road to be used by a local bus service. Macs Automated Bollards created a restricted access bus route using one automatic rising bollard, we provided the local bus company with a tagmaster system which they were able to use to lower the automated bollard when required, the bollard was programmed to rise once the bus had cleared the safety loops which Macs Bollards have installed under the road. This has benefited the local community in that an isolated estate now has a bus service without creating a ‘rat run’ effect.

More recently, Powys County Council have replaced an existing obsolete automatic bollard system in Newtown with a Macs bollard system, and at the same time installed a new bus lane bollard system nearby.