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Manual Telescopic and Fold Down Bollards

The use of manual telescopic and fold down bollards as a way of protecting private driveways and business premises is becoming more common place around the UK; this is down to a variety of reasons, not least their affordability and ease of use.  Manual retractable bollards are...

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Highways approved or private residential/commercial bollards?

One of the services offered by Macs Automated Bollard Systems is the option between fully highways approved bollard systems and more affordable systems for use on residential and commercial properties.  The highways approved systems are for use on the public highway and include the...

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Bollard Monitoring Software

Macs PLC engineers are further developing the bespoke bollard fault monitoring system to allow for more control over the automatic rising bollard systems. Along with enhancing existing features and improving connectivity, other new features will include the option for daily or weekly...

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