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Bollards - Did You Know?

Wooden posts or ‘bollards’ have been used as a way of managing traffic in the UK for nearly 300 years! Also, old canons were used as mooring bollards on quaysides from the 18 th century onwards. These bollards have come a long way to the manual, semi automatic and...

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Retractable energy Distribution Units

  Another product range we have recently been promoting is our semi-automatic retractable energy distribution units.   These rising energy distribution towers can be configured in a variety of combinations, and include utilities such as; electricity, telephone connection,...

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Product range research and development

As part of ongoing product research and development Macs continues to expand its product range, one of which being the new range of EV charging units that Macs now offers.    This range of products is in response to the growing market for electric vehicles, and allows Macs to...

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