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Telescopic Security Bollards

Here at Macs Automated Bollard Systems Ltd, we continously strive to offer the best and most complete solution for the use of automatic and semi automatic security bollards for all possible applications. With existing projects ranging from local authority pedestrian areas and urban...

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Why choose security bollards?

Telescopic security bollards offer an effective physical and visual deterent to help keep your property safe. The use of parking bollards on private driveways help offer protection from attempted theft of vehicles and they are easier to install and use that might be imagined.  ...

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Macs Remote Bollard Monitoring

Macs are pleased to be nearing the completion of our new range of bollard remote monitoring systems, with the developed panels due to be available at the end of February. The new generation of panels follows on from our original monitoring systems, with remote access to the bollard from any...

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