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Parking Bollards

Parking bollards are designed to secure private residential or business locations, helping to prevent auathorised use of private car parking spaces.  There are many options available. From cost effective fold down car parking posts and manual telescopic parking posts, to fully...

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What are PAS68 Bollards?

BSI PAS68 is the Publicly Available Specification in the UK for crash rated vehicle barrier and bollard security products. The PAS68 standard defines the test criteria which a product has to be tested in order to comply and achieve BSI PAS68 and identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test...

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What are Security Bollards?

Security bollards are commonly used when there is a need to protect property and people in a designated area. Security bollards can be either fixed static posts, manual lower and raise telescopic posts, or automated rising bollard systems. The use of security bollards as a visual deterrent...

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